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In search of talent - Our vision of skilled workforce

We believe in the attractiveness of the Baltic Sea combined with sophisticated high-tech products! Our employees are highly qualified and have travelled the world. They have children or are planning to have children and are wondering where would be a good place to settle down. The beautiful Baltic Sea region and the proximity to the water, combined with affordable housing and a good infrastructure in Neubukow and the surrounding area offer these conditions. Here you will find affordable housing, inexpensive land, good medical care, ample shopping, daycare centers, schools, good public transportation and, last but not least, good jobs. If this sounds appealing to you, come and be part of an ambitious young team and an exciting startup vision!

What we offer:

Baltic resort

We work in a popular resort area.

Experienced team

We have highly qualified experience and pass it on.

Exciting projects

You will be challenged and involved in exciting projects.

Research of the future

We offer the research and development of the future.

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