Product presentation: Alexandrite Laser

4000 individual parts combined in one laser

Outstanding Hi-tech Laser

Hi-tech laser with outstanding laser properties and special suitability for the LidarCUBE. The diode-pumped Alexandrite laser consists of 4000 individual parts with outstanding parameters in efficiency, tunable wavelength range, bandwidth, focusing, quality, controllability, maintenance-free, mounting and adjustment.


Suitable laser developments can be offered for all application scenarios of tunable narrow-band lasers (fluorescence and quantum technology) as well as for the application areas of the H2020 GALACTIC project. The alexandrite laser for the LidarCUBE has been developed by the Fraunhofer ILT over many years.

The European production of alexandrite crystals has only been underway for a year as part of the EU’s Galactic project. LiCuSpace can provide the necessary laser infrastructure for these crystals.


The alexandrite laser is used in scientific research. You can also find this product in our LidarCUBE.

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