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Technologically with high demands, based in the far north

Technology for our life

Our guiding principle is that technological progress well applied creates the basis for our prosperity, our good life. We are happy to contribute directly to a deeper understanding of our world for a better future.

To this end, we are happy to devote all our creativity and creative power, individually and collectively as a team!

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Revolutionizing data measurement with unparalleled precision in laser technology, we are the game changers in detecting environmentally critical elements.

Our groundbreaking technology pioneers a new era in data generation for space, aviation, mobility, logistics, meteorology, and infrastructure applications.

Our customers benefit from unique insights into essentially influencing climate facts, empowering them to tackle the pressing environmental challenges ahead.

Through our innovations, we are redefining the future of weather forecasting.

LiCuSpace – Excellence in measurement technology

About LiCuSpace

LiCuSpace is a high-tech company with the following main areas of work:

  • LIDAR Measurement Technology
  • High-power laser technology
  • Optoelectronics
  • Scientific design
  • Simulation
  • Software development

Founded in 2021, LiCuSpace develops breakthrough measurement technologies and problem solving.

The focus is on weather and climate change, with technologically unique data acquisition solutions for weather modelling. This has benefited customers worldwide, including the agricultural, renewable energy, aerospace, marine logistics, infrastructure, insurance and weather services industries.

LiCuSpace cooperates with leading institutes and technology partners.

LiCuSpace is home to physicists and engineers.

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For LiCuSpace, the quality and frequency of innovations and their ability to solve problems are of central importance. They are the measure of our actions.

We focus on unsolved problems with high market potential. We develop technological solutions for these problems. Our market is the global market.

We develop innovations at high speed, based on a combination of entrepreneurial know-how and scientific cooperation. Key technologies are patented.

Innovation requires an innovative environment and cutting-edge technologies. Generative design, topology optimization, additive manufacturing are the norm for us.

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