Product presentation: MoLiCu

Precisely tuned housing construction

Scientific housing construction

MoLiCu is a Hi-tech housing with integrated energy management and extreme climate stabilization for the operation of optical telescopes in all climate zones. MoLiCu is the perfectly adapted basic housing for our product LidarCUBE, but it can also be used with all its advantages for other optical telescope applications.


The MoLiCu product has external dimensions of 1000 x 1000 x 1350 mm³. The telescopic chamber is innovatively cooled and energetically isolated. The interior is air-conditioned and thermally stabilized for the operation of temperature sensitive measuring systems.

The product is stormproof up to wind speeds of approx. 30m/s and has a closing mechanism that closes the telescope chamber within 5 seconds. The operating temperature range is -30°C to +50°C. MoLiCu is impervious to heavy rain (40 l/m² in one hour) and snow (50 mm). However, it is not impervious to drifting snow and dust.

A weather station can also be integrated. Also included are innovative color sensors to detect appropriate measurement conditions. The installation space of the product is parameterized on the inside and can be additionally configured on request. At the same time, MoLiCu is an extremely lightweight construction and has a very high stability.

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