Product presentation: LidarCUBETainer

Transport of scientific equipment

Hi-tech functional container for the MoLiCu

The LidarCUBETainer is a transport container based on the LD3F format to extend the application range of the LidarCUBE. It enables measurement operations under extreme conditions and protects the sensitive measurement technology inside.

Modern design technologies and extreme lightweight construction:

Our advanced product, the LidarCUBETainer, uses aluminum-aluminum foam sandwich panels in the floor structure (high point loads, lowest weight and wide deformation range before breakage). The material and construction of the surface elements are based on modern lightweight yacht construction. This construction method and the use of electromechanical linear actuators generate very high forces with low weight and are stable under extreme operating conditions.

The LidarCUBETainer also has a load-bearing structure to transfer high vertical and lateral forces. The housing is also bonded over a large area and (like all components) iteratively optimized by FEA.

The product is of course corrosion resistant and has a system weight of less than 1.5kN. A separate energy management system can be integrated and a shock-absorbing floor structure for payloads has also been taken into account. The interior can be variably designed and has its own control logic as well as automatic operation.

Safe transport of the LidarCUBE

  • AKE / LD3F aviation standard format – suitable for the vast majority of today´s aircraft
  • with 10kN system weight, safely below the maximum transport weights for this container size
  • Point load capacity of the floor for roller table strength for air cargo loading operations
  • Impact protection against typical air cargo loads
  • Transport handles and lashing options outside and center area
  • Positive internal LidarCUBE transport lock without special knowledge required
  • Loading of the LidarCUBE into the LidarCUBETainer with standard forklift trucks


The LidarCUBETainer is an optimized companion. Users of optical telescopes will find great benefits. The product can also be used in all areas of environmental analysis. It can also be used for general scientific research.

LidarCUBE measurement operation in the LidarCUBETainer: increased weather robustness

The LidarCUBETainer offers security against the highest snow loads (5 kN/m²) at full functionality, which corresponds to a snow height on the LidarCUBETainer of about 1.5 m of fresh snow (maximum deposit to be considered for the container shape).

  • Special surface treatment to reduce snow adhesion
  • All cavities are closed, no accumulation of water or snow and ice possible
  • Overpressure capability to prevent intrusion of snow, dust, aerosols and similar disturbances, optional integrated overpressure system up to 200 Pa continuous overpressure and automatic control
  • Wind resistant up to Hurricane Class 3 (~200 km/h)
  • Operating temperature range -50°C to +70°C
  • Own weather sensors with coupling to the LidarCUBE control system
  • Short closing times in case of sudden weather changes
  • Control of the LidarCUBETainer separately or via LidarCUBE

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