Product presentation: Advanced Optics

Master class construction management system

Modular system of optical components

From the RUBIN LidarCUBE project, the required optical modules can also be further developed into a worldwide unique hi-tech optical module system.


„Advanced Optics“ is a modular system of optical building blocks for laser-based devices to modify, vary, and guide the laser. These building blocks are elementary components of any optical device, in „Advanced Optics“ they can be configured individually. The basic principles were developed at the IAP. The product offers outstanding new possibilities for optical designs and significant increases in production efficiency. „Advanced Optics“ creates significant advantages in the basis for research. It is already used in the LidarCUBE! There is currently a close scientific cooperation with the IAP (with protected commercial use for LiCuSpace).


„Advanced Optics“ can be used in many ways in scientific research. You can also find this product in our LidarCUBE.

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