Product presentation: LidarCUBE

Product from top German research

Hi-tech measuring instrument for online atmospheric diagnostics up to 100 km altitude

The LidarCUBE is a 1m x 1m x 1m measuring device for online atmospheric measurements up to 100km altitude. The seemingly harmless „CUBE“ consists of over 7000 individual parts.

Measured variables:

Wind and temperature measurement up to about 100km altitude (values at 5-minute measurement and 200m altitude resolution)

Wind measurement below 40km: accuracy < 1 m/s

Wind measurement below 70km: accuracy < 10 m/s

Temperature measurement at 50km: accuracy < 5.3 K

Output of the measured variables:

  • Custom Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Web service interface
  • Achieving of raw data for evidence


  • NLC (Noctilucent Clouds) and PSC (Polar Stratospheric Clouds)
  • Background aerosols
  • Metal densities (all with spatial distribution and temporal evolution)


The LidarCUBE can be used day and night. Thanks to the access protection, unattended operation is also possible. The LidarCUBE works automatically after the previously defined operating and measurement conditions have been set. The product detects optional air traffic by means of commercially available active, passive and transponder systems and then includes them in the measurement regime (automatic shutdown).

The LidarCUBE also detects atmospheric measurement conditions by means of AI-controlled transformation of the absolute color and gray values within a radius of 500m. Weather analysis can be easily performed.

The product closes and opens the telescope chamber to protect the telescope within 5 seconds, the conditions for closing and opening are configurable here.


  • Remote control of all key parameters
  • Service access to key maintenance points without opening the passenger compartment
  • Separate service rack for maintenance of the telescope mirror chamber by a single service person, service rack can be dismantled without tools and is suitable for flight luggage
  • 100% spare parts availability
  • Hot standby system in Neubukow – system exchange with express air freight
  • Trained, experienced service with worldwide availability

Environmental conditions:

  • windproof up to hurricane category 3
  • Heavy rain for sure up to 40 l/m² in one hour
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to +50°C
  • Protection against light snow (50 mm)
  • Impervious to drifting snow and dust

Dimensions and interfaces:

External dimensions


about 250 kg

External dimensions L x W x H in mm

1000 x 1000 x 1300

Energy supply

Mains voltage

230V / 50Hz – 110V / 60Hz 16 A


Bandwidth Gigabit

Ethernet or WLAN

Installation and locking

Four lashing elements

1.25 kN at each corner

vibration decoupled footprint



  • Start synchronous measurement of weather conditions at 10 to 100 km altitude (wind and temperature)


Environmental analysis

  • Material analysis in the atmosphere up to about 100 km
  • Altitude Mass transport processes in the troposphere and stratosphere


Scientific research

  • Observation of dynamical processes in the middle atmosphere on intermediate, spatial scales, and their contribution to the energy and momentum balance of the atmosphere.
  • Gravity waves:
    • Propagation in both horizontal and vertical directions
    • Energy transfer
    • Effects on background winds
  • Stratified turbulence:
  • Review of ST theory
  • Analysis of bi- or multivariate distributions of e.g., wind components or temperatures

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