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LiCuSpace lives innovation in measurement systems and photonics in technology, functionality and design. All products combine the demand for highest precision with the most innovative design. We follow the most modern approaches of product development and work with the most innovative technologies.

Unmatched measuring heights and ultra-precision


The LidarCUBE is a 1m x 1m x 1m measuring device for online atmospheric measurements up to 100km altitude. The high-tech measuring system „CUBE“ consists of more than 7000 individual parts and is functionally optimized equipped with:

  • a high-power laser ecosystem for unique measurement applications
  • Specialized optoelectronics
  • of measurement electronics for terabytes of data in minutes
  • Teradata Analysis Software
  • a LidarCUBE operational control system
  • a high-performance climate management system for extreme temperatures
  • Custom-built lightweight housing structures

Transport of scientific equipment


The LidarCUBETainer is a transport container based on the LD3F format to extend the application range of the LidarCUBE. It enables measurement operations under extreme conditions and protects the sensitive measurement technology inside. Other functional highlights are:

  • safe transport of the LidarCUBE with low system weight
  • of less than 10kN
  • Extended temperature ranges from -50°C to +70°C
  • Robustness against wind up to Hurricane Class 3
  • short closing time in case of sudden weather changes
  • Air-loadable thanks to standardized LD3F design

Scientific housing construction


High-tech housing with integrated energy management and extreme climate stabilization for the operation of optical telescopes. Internal space parameterized and configurable

  • Extremely lightweight construction with very high strength
  • High proportion of additive manufacturing, environmentally friendly material mix
  • Innovative service rack suitable for airline luggage for
  • One-person operation during maintenance

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Hi-tech Laser

Alexandrite high power laser

Hi-tech laser with outstanding laser properties and special suitability also for the LidarCUBE.

The diode-pumped Alexandrite laser consists of 4000 individual parts with outstanding parameters in efficiency, tunable wavelength range, bandwidth, focusing, Q-factor, controllability, maintenance-free, assembly and adjustment.

Hi-tech Optics Modular System

Advanced Optics

The optical modules developed so far at the IAP, with their properties of accuracy, modularity and adjustability, are an essential building block for the success of the device. During the migration of the elements into the industrial framework, further developments will take place to further extend these properties.

These features include innovations that have already been formulated as such and whose protection for exploitation is also being applied for.

Advanced Optics delivers an outstanding modular system that incorporates the experience of 20 years of optics development.

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