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Laser and software development

For our own products, we develop our own precision laser technology on an industrial scale and for industrial applications. Our focus is on configurable and parameterizable parts and assemblies as well as end products.

Our technology and product development is always done digitally in a digital twin. This applies to all work steps and processes up to the finished product. This is what differentiates LiCuSpace from the competition.

Our customers can participate according to their individual requirements, right down to the modular, custom-fit software.

Scientific construction / design

We are also scientists ourselves, so we understand and live the sometimes unfamiliar „haptic“ demands of the scientific field, where advancements are constantly being made beyond the known limits.

We combine this culture with an innovative engineering spirit and take great pleasure in amazing results in all areas, from laser design to additive manufacturing, including special materials and manufacturing processes!


  • Create additively optimized designs in plastic and metal
  • Special materials expertise
  • Consideration of specialized manufacturing solutions
  • Development of customized manufacturing environments
  • Laser design

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Optimized housing technology for measuring instruments

Measurement accuracy and functionality are key. Enclosure technology is critical to the overall performance of measurement systems. Keywords are low vibration, protection, isolation, etc. State-of-the-art lightweight materials and multi-material design play a key role.

LiCuSpace leverages in-house expertise in state-of-the-art construction methods, sophisticated

construction methods, sophisticated structural analysis and

and manufacturing methodology. This is a key competitive advantage.

B2B customers can also benefit from our expertise.

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